Tranquility Acres

Artisan Goat Milk Cheese - Coming Soon!
Fresh "Soft" Cheese
Traditional French style Chevre
Herb & Garlic Chevre
"Berry Good" Chevre
Ricotta Salata
Marinated Feta
Aged Cheese
GOaT Cheese!
All dairy goats are owned by Little Garden of Eat'n, LLC, the parent company of Tranquility Acres. The herd is made up of Nubians and Mini Nubians - valued for their rich, sweet, creamy milk, their quality production and their amazing personalities and dispositions. They are registered through ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) and MDGA (Miniature Dairy Goat Association) under the HHFLGE herdname, and are part of the important genetic selection used to maintain a steady and consistent volume and quality of milk.
Handcrafted cheese made using goat milk from the herd of goats at Little Garden of Eat'n, LLC.